Sales Plan and Execution

At Esrar, we believe that sales are attainable. With the right strategy, you can definitely make exponential sales through a well-thought-out sales plan.To achieve the desired results, a good plan needs to accurately project the level of properties that will be sold or leased. A good sales plan should be backed by numbers; and should also be challenging but attainable, time-specific and measurable. Our team of experts will devise a sales plan for your company or project to meet your objectives.

A sales plan, until it is effectively executed, is nothing but a list of good intentions. The execution plan is the return on investment of the sales plan itself. This is why we grant on the execution phase equal importance to guarantee success. We make sure that your marketing investment is utilized at a maximum level.


Sales Hiring and Training

Our wide array of expertise includes assisting real estate developers in hiring the right team to sell their projects. Before we hire someone to handle sales for you, we make sure that he meets the marketing specific requirements of real estate sector. We also look out for marketing traits as this is also a prerequisite for successful personnel. We also work on building customized sales training courses that fit the need of your sales staff to keep you ahead of the competition.



Sales and Customers Retention

The best agents and marketers for real estate developers are their customers. Once your customers are satisfied, they will definitely refer their friends and relatives to your company. Word of mouth is also a great sales strategy.

In parallel, a good real estate consultant is a money maker, not only for the employer but also for himself. After a property has been bought, the good real estate developers who aim to retain their clients can also offer other real estate services.

We work on a commission scheme that will satisfy the developer, the sales consultant, and the buyer.


Pricing Strategy

Pricing a real estate project is both a critical and difficult task. A simple error in pricing might lead to irredeemable consequences. We are here to spare you the trouble and help you set the right pricing scheme; we are experts in pricing huge developments ranging from 100 to 5000 units. While setting a pricing strategy, we look into all aspects of the project, starting from its pre-development stage to the development and finally, the post-development stage; thus ensuring prices truly reflect the value of the project


Customer Relationship Management

Managing a big project will require an efficient CRM. A good CRM should be user-friendly, detailed and should contain all the information so the sales, the management and the project owner can refer to it on a regular basis. Our role is to help identify the best CRM that fits your project and budget then develop it for you.


Tenant Mix Plan

Are you working on leasing out spaces in a project? Esrar’s expertise also include devising a successful tenant mix which takes into consideration a combination of factors, including the proportion of space or number of units occupied by different retail or service type, and the relative placement of tenants in the center. A “good tenant mix” is a variety of stores that work together to enhance the center’s performance by operating successfully as individual businesses. Our role is to identify the right tenant mix for your business and creating a plan to target the right mix.



We also specialize in selling multi-million-SR properties and projects. Whether you are looking for investors to help you in sales or looking to outsource your sales department for a specific time, we are your go-to guys.


Lead Generation

Leads do not only come from campaigns, many are the techniques that you resort to as a developer to generate lead. Once a lead is gotten, he or she needs to be nurtured. It takes an average of 3 to 6 months for a lead to become a buyer. This is where we come in handy; our team generates leads not only as end buyers but for B2B purposes.