Emerging technologies and digitalization are redefining the way we live, interact, and work. The digital transformation in real estate reshaped even the most traditional industries, including the real estate market. This impact has resulted in a multitude of benefits for buyers and real estate developers as well.

The following article outlines the key trends defining real estate digitization :

Interactive online 3-D Renderings and Video Tours

Today’s buyers need seamless services with the presence of technology sweeping the world. For instance, they can now view prospective houses without leaving the comfort of their own with the emerging technology: commercial real estate video marketing. Properties can be viewed across the globe at the click of a button. 3-D digital renderings save the time of the investor and offer a virtual tour throughout the entire property without having to make the actual trip. 

Additionally, trusted realtors and real estate companies keep online communication with their investors through multiple video communications, WhatsApp, Facebook, and facetime while helping their clients view properties across the globe. 

Real-Time Data 

The most advantageous aspect of the digital age is that it brings valuable information right to our fingertips. We have more accessibility to real-time data more than ever now and this is making the real estate industry become more transparent. 

Tax records, building or land restrictions, even the permits pulled on a property can now be accessed through digital technologies.

Real Estate Applications

Thanks to digital media, clients are able to more effectively tailor their search efforts to their schedule and preferred location. Such real estate applications save the time and effort of the investor; they no longer have to go to the open house only to discover that they hated the property in person. So instead of aimlessly searching for the right property in the neighborhood, you can use the real estate application to locate other possible properties.

The digital transformation has had a great impact on the real estate industry. The more we become reliant on digital technologies, real estate agents will have to continue to adjust their strategies so that they can communicate with and connect with clients on a global scale. Esrar, a leading real estate consulting company, is what will prosper and transform your real estate business digitally.