It is wonderful to have a great quality product that meets the market’s needs and beyond, but without marketing, it’s like it doesn’t exist. 

This rule applies to real estate. The competition is intense which makes marketing an obligatory activity to get noticed for a start. However, real estate marketing differs than other type of marketing as it’s not a fast good that’s bought frequently. Rather, it’s an investment that requires a lot of research from the consumer’s behalf to reach the purchase decision. Not to also mention that the market is niche.

This article will unravel effective real estate marketing ideas that will make you stand out from the competition.


  • Create a professional website

Invest in creating a professional website with a compelling design. Showcase your listings in a clear way that speaks to your target audience.

Add a call-to-action that invites the prospects to get on call with you to get a free consultation or to help them calculate the mortgage to accommodate to their needs.


  • Get creative with your blog

Build a blog section on your website that discusses relevant topics. Create content optimized for SEO to increase your website’s visibility on the search engine to reach a bigger target. Google Analytics can help you search fresh keywords your target audience is interested in.

You can facilitate the process of your social media content creation by sharing snippets of your blog posts on social media and linking them to your website, which will get you more traffic and save you time.


  • Go beyond traditional photos

Instead of taking plain 2D photos, invest in providing your clients a 3D view or VR. Matterport stitches a 3D dollhouse of the whole space.

Your audience will be more engaged with a 3D tour or VR rather than the traditional imagery. It will show them details they want to see and give an actual depiction of the property. This way, you would be reaching international clients who are faraway which will ultimately expand your market.


  • Grab your website’s visitors via PPC

Draw traffic to your website through implementing PPC advertising. You will appear on the top of the search engine, clearly visible to interested prospects.

PPC might be quite expensive, which means that you want to allocate a marketing budget. It also requires expertise to track the user activity and other, or it will be a waste of money.

  • Be social on the socials!

Your website might be professionally made and formal, but don’t be too strict on the socials. Treat your real estate like a brand that has its own persona that speaks to its audience.

Create a walkthrough video in the property you have for sale, make it fun and interesting. Use storytelling where every property has a story, and every story has a setting. Make your property interesting rather than treating it as boring solid rocks and tiles waiting for someone to be their company.


Marketing is essential in the real estate industry to reach results. The best way not to waste your budget and stress about uncertain results, is through employing a specialized real estate marketing agency.

Such agencies would also allocate other resources such as real estate agents. The experts in the industry know their way around this niche market as they’re constantly updated with new consumer trends and updates. Marketing is a holistic process rather than a one color theme, which a real estate agency like Esrar real estate consultancy achieves, tailored to your needs and budget.